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Aves Vox.

Apps & software

Aves Vox app

This clever new app uses the extensive Xeno-Canto database of bird songs and calls, says Alan Tilmouth.


Collins Bird Guide app.

Apps & software

Collins Bird Guide app

Collins Bird Guide has finally been transformed into an app - and it's a serious good piece of software, says Josh Jones.


Bird Tick List app.

Apps & software

Bird Tick List app

Rebecca Armstrong tests out this new app that allows users to create lists on their iPhones to update on the go.


Birdsnap app.

Apps & software

Birdsnap app

This image-based field guide to North American birds claims to to use automatically find visually similar species from photos uploaded by...


All Birds UK app.

Apps & software

All Birds UK app

This app aims to help you identify all the birds recorded in Britain. Rebecca Armstrong took it into the field to give it thorough test.


Naturetale app.

Apps & software

Naturetale app

This wildflower image-matching app should help you identify many British flowers, improving your skills as you go, says Rebecca Armstrong.