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Photo of the Week

Our Photo of the Week award is an informal and friendly competition judged by the team at BirdGuides/Birdwatch. All photos uploaded during the current week are eligible. A single Photo of the Week will be chosen, along with a selection of Notables. All 52 Photos of the Week are eligible for Photo of the Year. This annual contest is voted on by our readers from a shortlist provided by the BirdGuides/Birdwatch team.

The Birdwatch calendar

You can now help choose the images for our calendar (free every year with the December issue of Birdwatch). Every month we will upload the winning images from Photo of the Week and all you have to do is select your favourite. The image with the most votes will then represent its respective month. Buy the December issue to find out if your favourite has won!

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Butterflies & moths

Purple Emperor

Chiddingfold, Surrey

Dragonflies & damselflies

Common Hawker

Flanders Moss NNR, Forth


African Wild Dog

Kruger National Park, South Africa