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What's in this Issue?

  • Life after dark - European Nightjar returns to Britain and Ireland in late spring, when its ‘churring’ song lls the humid night air in heaths and young conifer plantations. To many birders, though, this nocturnal visitor and its habits remain a complete mystery. David Callahan investigates what it gets up to when the sun goes down.
  • The wildlife crime frontline - Tim Jones spent two years investigating wildlife crime for the RSPB, trying his best to protect Britain’s vanishing and persecuted birds of prey. Gain an insider’s perspective on this essential and committed role, as he tries to help catch the country’s wildlife criminals and save our raptors.
  • Which woodpecker? -  Britain’s three ‘true’ woodpeckers are distinctive, but there are always challenges to be had and with this trio ageing and sexing them is not always straightforward. Andy Stoddart takes a closer look at Green, Great Spotted and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers and the sometimes subtle characters that separate adults from younger birds, and males from females.
  • The beautiful south - As a continent, Africa has tremendous avian riches, and in the south they include a host of endemics, as well as the most far-  ung wintering grounds of some of our summer migrants. Moss Taylor ventures to Kwa-Zulu Natal, Swaziland and the Kruger on a memorable trip which logged well over 400 species – half of them photographed.

Plus: great itineraries for top June sites, Ptarmigan is our target bird, words of wisdom from columnists Bill Oddie, Mark Avery and Lucy McRobert, another photo challenge from Steve Young, the best rarity and scarcity round-ups for Britain, Ireland and the Western Palearctic from, news, views and reviews, and your birding questions answered by our team of experts.

On sale 24 May 2018

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