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Services included:

  • Instant bird news available on all devices (laptop, mobile, tablet)
  • Full access to the top-rated BirdGuides app
  • Notifications included - no hidden costs
  • Interactive BirdMap
  • British & Irish Records Archive

Includes all PRO Services AND:

  • Email and text alerts, including 100 free SMS messages
  • Keep private and unlimited lists online. Easy to set up and manage
  • Free printed Birdwatch magazine posted to you monthly, worth over £71 a year
  • Monthly eco-friendly digital issue of Birdwatch magazine, instead of paper
  • Free digital access to every Birdwatch since issue 1 (over 380 issues!) This resource tool is instant and fully searchable
  • Free digital access to our extensive library of special editions
  • PLUS, all other PRO and ULTIMATE services

* Bird News Ultimate and Bird News Ultimate Plus memberships include 100 free SMS text messages. Bird News Pro members do not qualify for a starter package of SMS messages, but they can be purchased separately here.

Annual Bird News memberships cover 365 days from the sign-up date.