There are thousands of great birding hot-spots around the world. Find out which ones offer what you're looking for with our travel features.

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill - an endemic

Sri Lanka

• 16-26 January 2019 (extension to 27 Jan 2019) • £1,760 (extension £220) • A range of desirable species, including many island endemics


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• 23-28 April 2019 • £1,495 including flights • Endemic Corsican Nuthatch and Corsican Finch, plus four other recently split species,...


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Viva Valencia birding!

David Callahan visited the emerging Spanish hot-spots of Alicante and Valencia to see the provinces' specialities, and found them to be...


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Extreme Kazakhstan

Dominic Mitchell reports on some of the Western Palearctic's most enigmatic bird species at the western limits of their ranges, by the...


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Unknown Herzegovina

Neil Bowman took a five-day trip to this unspoilt corner of south-eastern Europe and discovered a destination filled with birds impossible...


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Peru: an incredible journey

A jewel in the crown of a bird-rich continent, Peru has one of the largest and most diverse avifaunas in South America. Dominic Mitchell...


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