Photo of the Week: 8-14 November 2021


Eurasian Oystercatchers by John Wilson



Sometimes less is more when it comes to effective bird photography – as ably demonstrated by this week's winning image from John Wilson of a group of Eurasian Oystercatchers, making their way through serene surroundings on the Norfolk coast.

The lack of wind and resultant ripples on the water's surface really makes this image, allowing for the soft pastel blues, greys and purples of late autumn to be at their most impactful. The last remaining sandflats behind the birds gives it a maritime context, and the striking plumage of the oystercatchers arguably brings the image to life more than any of species of wader might have done.

Congratulations to John on this simplistic yet beautiful and highly effective Photo of the Week winner.


Other notable images


Western Cattle Egret, Chapelton, Angus & Dundee (Mark Caunt).

Little Egret, Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire (Andrew Jordan).

Dark-bellied Brent Goose, Whiteford NNR, Gower, Glamorgan (Tate Lloyd).

Red-breasted Goose, Holliwell Point, Essex (Shaun Ferguson).

Long-tailed Duck, Eden Estuary, Fife (Douglas Dickson).

Common Eider, Seahouses, Northumberland (Jack Bucknall).

Red-throated Diver, Brockhall GPs, Herefordshire (Mick Colquhoun).

Eurasian Bittern, Calvert Lakes, Buckinghamshire (Tony Hovell).

Grey Plover, Titchwell RSPB, Norfolk (Ian Bollen).

Red-flanked Bluetail, Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire (Sonia Johnson).

Snow Bunting, Studland Bay, Dorset (Jeremy McClements).

Walrus, Seahouses, Northumberland (Gary Woodburn).