The October issue of Birdwatch is on sale from tomorrow!


It looks like being a good autumn for rare Yanks, and in the new issue of Birdwatch we cover the Outer Hebrides’ American Redstart and Britain and Ireland’s TWO American Yellow Warblers in depth, with finder’s accounts and lots of photos.

With migrants coming in thick and fast as migration gathers pace, what better time to see leaf warblers from Russia and the Far East than October. Yellow-browed may be becoming more familiar, but Pallas’s remains less common, Arctic and Greenish are great finds anywhere, and both Eastern Crowned and Pale-legged have added themselves to the British list in recent years. Andy Stoddart shows you how to identify rare eastern striped ‘sprites’.

Autumn is also perhaps the most exciting season in the general birding calendar, with juveniles and adults both on migration, and the intrigue of trying to age individuals and separate different species in various stages of moult. There's also the increased possibility of an outrageous rarity to whet the appetite. David Callahan presents you with 10 ways of getting the best out of 'the fall'.

As migration hits full swing, it is still a partial mystery whether birds learn their routes and timings, or whether these are ruled by hormonal or genetic impulses, and how they navigate. Much research has been carried out into the drivers of the annual movements of migratory birds, and the RSPB brings us up-to-date with their current research.

Connecting with nature brings all kinds of benefits, both physical and psychological. Joe Harkness of Bird Therapy takes a look at the mental aspect, identifying five ways in which birding can improve our wellbeing.

Plus More great autumn site guides, columnists Bill Oddie, Mark Avery and Lucy McRobert, Steve Young’s photo challenge, all the big stories, rarity news and exclusive photos from around Britain, Ireland and the Western Palearctic, and news, reviews and all your questions answered by our expert team.

Birdwatch’s October issue is on sale in newsagents from tomorrow (28 September 2017), or can be ordered here. Or you can download the digital edition, with its host of video, image and sound file extras. The digital issue is available for PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad and Amazon devices.