Steller's Sea Eagle wows crowds in Massachusetts


A Steller's Sea Eagle was seen by hundreds of birders in Massachusetts on 20 December, having originally been observed there several days previously.

The eagle, an adult, had been originally photographed on 12 December, but news only broke a week later on 19th, with a search that day proving fruitless.

Fortunately, the Steller's was again on show throughout 20th close to the original location, causing a huge stir in the US birding scene. However, it couldn't be found on 21st and hasn't been seen since.

It is widely assumed that this is the same individual that spent several weeks in New Brunswick and Quebec in July-August 2021, and was later seen near Windsor, Nova Scotia, on 3-4 November. It was first seen in Alaska in August 2020. Further details on the eagle and its remarkable wanderings can be found in the video by Ian Davies below: