Crane chicks successfully hatch in Ireland


Common Crane chicks have hatched in Ireland for the second year running.

The pair also nested at an undisclosed location in central Ireland last year – putting an end to a 300-year absence from the country – although neither of last year's chicks reached fledging stage. Conservationists had high hopes that the birds might try again in 2022.

Common Crane is once again breeding in Ireland (Andrew Moon).

The cranes are on land owned by former peat producer Bord na Móna.

In January 2021, Bord na Móna ceased peat harvesting for good and has been rehabilitating thousands of hectares of bogs. Some 18 sites were rewetted in 2021, amounting to an area of 8,000 ha. A further 19 will be rehabilitated in 2022.

Bord na Móna's lead ecology, Mark McCorry, said: "The appearance of a crane using sites that were re-wetted last year is a real indication that we are creating the right conditions for these birds and for lots of other biodiversity. Getting to see this bird slowly flying low over the new wetlands has been a highlight for me this year."