Species profiles

There could be as many as 35 crossbill species, and most Shore Larks are found anywhere but on the beach. Take an indepth look at these and many more species.

Focus on: Eurasian Spoonbill

Eurasian Spoonbill is one of several large waterbird species usually associated with the Mediterranean which has recently colonised England...


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Focus on: Kentish Plover

Once a breeding species in Britain, Kentish Plover has gradually declined to the point it is now classified as a rarity. David Callahan...


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Focus on: Snow Bunting

A very scarce breeding species and much more widespread in winter, Snow Bunting has a long history in Britain, but could find itself pushed...


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Focus on: Baillon's Crake

With a Baillon's Crake influx shaping up on the near continent, Ed Stubbs takes a look at this diminutive rallid, which could be coming...


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Pied Crow: wild or escape?

Sam Viles takes a look at historical records of Pied Crow around the Western Palearctic and assesses whether the wide-ranging 2018 bird has...


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Focus on: Rough-legged Buzzard

A scarce winter visitor from the far north, Rough-legged Buzzard is a perennial favourite among birders. Ed Stubbs takes a closer look at...


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