Six surviving Cuckoos in central Africa


Since the last update, it's been mixed fortunes for the BTO satellite-tracked Cuckoos. John, Lyster, Reacher, Mungo, Indy and Iolo all appear to have perished: a reminder of the tough journey that these birds face. It appears that Wallace's tag has failed and we're unlikely to hear from him again, leaving his fate unknown.

Locations of the six satelite-tracked Cuckoos. Grey markers indicate contact has been lost. (Data: BTO/map © Google).

It's better news for the six surviving individuals. All six — who all took an easterly route through Italy or the Balkan region — are now in central Africa. David, who travelled through Montenegro on his way south, is now in Democratic Republic of Congo, as is fellow Welsh-tagged Cuckoo Lloyd, who travelled south through Italy and spent some time in Central African Republic before he moved south, becoming the most southerly and easterly Cuckoo. Roy is currently in the far north of DR Congo, close to the Central African Republic border; in the west, Chris is just over the border in Congo. Further west again, Chance is currently in Gabon. The most northerly of the Cuckoos, BB, seems to be settled in southern Chad.

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Written by: BTO