Where to Watch Birds in Surrey and Sussex

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Matt Phelps and Ed Stubbs
Bloomsbury Publishing
1 (2024)

This site guide covers the counties of East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey, including sites in southwest Greater London.

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From the heaths of Surrey to the chalky grassland of the North and South Downs, the great forests of the Weald and the headlands, shingle beaches and river valleys of England's south coast, these three counties are a bird-rich part of the country, with perhaps the most diverse range of habitats in the country, and all within easy distance of London, the southwest part of which contains birding sites such as Barnes wetland centre.

This new book by Matthew Phelps and Ed Stubbs is the definitive guide to the birding highlights of the region. It contains a comprehensive review of all the major sites, and many lesser-known ones, with maps, notes on access, and information on target species and when to visit. Where to Watch Birds in Surrey and Sussex is indispensable for any birder heading to this bird-rich region, or anyone in London who wants to head south to enjoy some of the best birding England can offer.