Life Cycles of British and Irish Butterflies

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Peter Eeles
Pisces Publications (Nature Bureau)
1st (2019)

A unique and fascinating insight into the lifecycle and hidden world of British and Irish butterflies.

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"Not since that lepidopteran legend F.W. Frohawk studied and etched them nearly one hundred years ago have all the stages in the life cycles of all of Britain and Ireland's butterflies been illustrated in one volume. No mean feat!" – Chris Packham CBE

With detailed descriptions and photos of the adult, egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each species, this book provides unique insights into a hidden world, illustrated with over 1,300 high-quality colour photos that reveal the subtle beauty in something as small as a butterfly egg. While aimed at the typical butterfly enthusiast, the book's content has been successfully tested by conservation scientists who need to record all stages when measuring the impact of habitat management and climate change. The book also includes recent discoveries that are documented here for the first time. Butterflies are infinitely fascinating. What may start as a simple hobby of photographing the adult insects can evolve into a deep interest in their immature stages, ecology and conservation and this book will help light your way.