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March 2020 - this issue is only available as a digital edition

On Sale: 27/02/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Birders' Choice Awards

Celebrating your Local Hero nominees with the volunteers, wardens, birders and more who go beyond the call of duty


The full finders' accounts for American Herring Gull, Brown Shrike and Tengmalm's Owl

Bird physiology

Find out how and why birds moult their feathers in our exclusive extract from Moult and Ageing in European Passerines

Identification: finches

Learn how to separate Common Linnet, Twite and Lesser Redpoll


Mark Avery reflects on the good work of the RSPB, whilst Dominic Mitchell wishes more birders would rise to the gull ID challenge

Great Scottish birding

Our county guide to Aberdeenshire takes you to the best spots to see wintering seaduck and geese

Bill Oddie on ... 

Breaking the law in pursuit of that bird you just have to see

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