Tamrac Adventure 7


When I brought this rucksack-style photo bag home, my son pronounced it ‘wicked’ and proceeded to investigate it thoroughly. The youthful, contemporary design, in a pixellated green camouflage pattern, certainly made it a winner in his eyes. However, I needed to put it to the test thoroughly before I could agree, and so the rucksack was put through its paces on a recent family holiday to Costa Rica.

Spending a long day in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve meant comfort was an important consideration. The shoulder straps were well padded and the bag distributed the weight well and felt nicely balanced on my back, leaving my hands free. Being of slight build though, I found that when I’d adjusted the waist belt and expandable sternum straps, there were long loose ends dangling about. However, this was not a major problem and the webbing could easily be cut down.

The backpack features double zipper pulls for quick access to both the camera and the top compartments and is fitted with a quick release buckle for extra security. The camera compartment is completely foam padded and has adjustable dividers, also foam padded, and pillars to support your camera with lens attached. Designed to accommodate a large digital or film SLR, several lenses, flash and accessories, the Adventure 7 is ideal for the bird photographer on the move. The top-loading camera compartment does mean, however, that you have to set the bag down on its base to access photo gear, which can be frustrating when you want to get to it quickly. 

Weather flaps protect the camera compartment and although they don’t make it completely waterproof, this isn’t cause for panic. Having spent two hours trekking through the forest in torrential rain, I wasn’t surprised to find my spare socks felt a little damp! My camera, however, was snug and safe.

The large top compartment for personal items easily held my binoculars and field guide and had space to spare for purse and mobile phone. Two side mesh pockets can hold small water bottles and accessories. The front pocket holds Tamrac’s patented Memory and Battery Management System, which uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available. Two tabs on the backpack can accommodate a compact tripod (requiring accessory straps) and the bag can be fully customised using Tamrac’s Strap Accessory System.

This is a quality product at a great price, providing good protection for camera and lenses, and it can also be used as a light backpack for a day in the field. Ideal for me as an amateur photographer, the Adventure 7 was a joy to use and will be put to great use. It is indeed ‘wicked’!

For further information visit www.tamrac.com.