Bird Song of Trinidad and Tobago


The eerie sounds of Oilbirds and the raucous call of Rufous-vented Chachalaca will evoke memories of holidays on Trinidad and Tobago for anyone fortunate enough to have visited these beautiful islands. The calls of both these species and 177 more are contained on this very comprehensive set of three CDs.

The birds are listed in systematic order in an accompanying booklet, and are helpfully referenced against the relevant plate and page in Richard Ffrench’s Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago (Christopher Helm). These CDs will certainly assist in the identification of some of the trickier family groups, like tyrant flycatchers, and would be a very useful tool for judicious use of playback. The Neotropical Bird Club will receive £2 from each sale to fund conservation projects, so order your copy now from www.mandarinproductions.com.

Tech spec

  • Bird Song of Trinidad and Tobago by John Hammick and Richard Ffrench (Mandarin Productions, 2005).
  • 3 CD set, £24.99 plus P&P.
First published in Birdwatch 162: 50 (December 2005).