Waxwing perishes in care in Sussex


A Waxwing has perished after being found grounded near a school in Sussex, despite the best efforts of a local wildlife rescue charity.

A passing member of the public found the bird not moving on the floor on Tuesday 9 January. They contacted East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) and liaised with staff at Harlands School to get the bird into a box.

The Waxwing in an incubator (WRAS).

WRAS workers were able to collect the bird and bring it back to the organisation's Casualty Centre for assessment and treatment. Unfortunately, it passed away overnight on its first night in care. 

WRAS staff believe it had had a collision as the symptoms were that of concussion. 

"As is often the way with wildlife, we don't know events which have led up to this bird becoming grounded and unwilling to fly," explained WRAS founder and Operations Director, Trevor Weeks MBE.

"Our care team assessed the bird's condition, and it appeared to be concussed and we couldn't rule out that the bird has not had a collision or head injury, potentially with a vehicle."