Updated news app available


We’re thrilled to announce that the fully revised BirdGuides bird news app is now live on both iOS and Android devices.


Redesigned, updated and offering cutting-edge functionality, the app is the ultimate tool for birders interested in significant sightings at a local, regional and national scale in 2020 and beyond.


Numerous exciting new developments have been introduced with the latest version. For example, you can now create or edit your bird news Filters easily within the app. This ensures that your Filtered bird news is always relevant, no matter where you might be in the country. Furthermore, the Nearby channel can now be tailored to your needs – the radius for this can be altered from 5-120 km.



Our fully revamped submissions form makes sending your bird news to us a straightforward and enjoyable experience, while the use of a map to pin-point your sighting ensures that the news we share with the birding community is more accurate than ever before.


The sightings listing is now enhanced with a map view, allowing you to quickly see where the best birds are in relation to you.


The introduction of a search function allows you to explore our entire sightings database, stretching back to November 2000, in an instant. When out in the field, this allows you to quickly search for relevant sightings, directions, maps and more.


Why pay more?

The BirdGuides bird news app is free to download, and all Bird News Pro and Bird News Ultimate subscribers can use the app fully as soon as they’ve updated it on their devices. There are no hidden costs, with push notification alerts and other benefits inclusive of the package. 


What’s more, the BirdGuides bird news service offers punctual, accurate and informative bird news at unbeatable value. For less than £1 per week – based on a direct debit subscription to BirdGuides Pro – you’ll hear about every sighting you want to know about, 16 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Paying hundreds of pounds for bird news is a thing of the past. Renting a pager and carrying it around in your pocket is entirely unnecessary. Join the growing BirdGuides community, pay less, and see more.


Try it for free!

Start your free 30-day trial of BirdGuides today by clicking here! With our no committment and no contract trial offer, now really is the best time to try BirdGuides and see just how easy birding can be.