The impacts of non-native species - one-day conference


19th November 2008
The Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough, UK
supported by BTO/Defra/JNCC/Natural England

The conference will consider both the impacts of non-native birds, as well as the impacts of other non-native species on avifauna, both in the UK and overseas. A series of case studies, ranging from studies of well-established non-natives to those new or less well understood, will be presented through the two morning sessions of the conference. The afternoon session will focus on present and future monitoring of non-natives and their status, legislation and policy. A common theme running through the day's presentations will be to highlight research and monitoring needs. A key focus will also be the need to link policy and management to sound science.

Eagle Owl
Eagle Owl, Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire (Photo: Mark Trott)

The conference is aimed at both non-government research and conservation organisations and the statutory government agencies responsible for policy and management regarding non-natives.

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Written by: Steve P. Dudley, senior administrator