Shot pheasants and wildfowl dumped on nature reserve


A gruesome photograph posted online on shows a rotting collection of Common Pheasant, Canada Goose and Mallard carcasses on a West Yorkshire nature reserve.

The birds, found at Otley Wetland, had all been shot and at least some seem to have had their breast meat removed. It is unclear whether the birds were shot at the nature reserve or dumped there after being killed elsewhere.

Lord Benyon has confirmed that the dumping of gamebirds is an offence as the carcasses are classified as 'animal by-product' (Morgan Caygill via Raptor Persecution UK).

Otley Wetland Nature Reserve Trust received a trophy in 2008 for the restoration of the 13.7-ha former quarry.

Dumping of shot birds is a breach of the Code of Good Shooting Practice, which states: "Shoot managers must ensure they have appropriate arrangements in place for the sale or consumption of the anticipated bag in advance of all shoot days."

Lord Benyon, Conservative peer in the House of Lords, recently confirmed that disposal of animal by-products is regulated and that dumping of carcasses would be an offence. The question had been raised by Green Party peer Natalie Bennett in relation to the avian flu risk presented by disposing of game directly into the environment.