Rwanda's Grey Crowned Crane population doubles in five years


Rwanda's Grey Crowned Crane population has more than doubled, according to a report presented at the 27th UN climate change conference in Egypt.

The rise in numbers has been attributed to the restoration of different wetlands and crane sanctuaries. Grey Crowned Crane is currently listed as Endangered by the IUCN.

Grey Crowned Crane has increased in Rwanda in recent years (Artur Stankiewicz).

According to the report, the crane population in Rwanda increased from 487 in 2017, to some 1,066 in 2022. The number of cranes was 748 in 2019; 881 in 2020; and 997 in 2021.

Although Grey Crowned Crane remains common over some of its range, it faces threats to its habitat due to drainage, overgrazing and pesticide pollution. The global population is estimated to be between 58,000 and 77,000 individuals. In 2012 it was uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered.