Ringing recovery highlights 6,500-km migration of Rustic Bunting


A Rustic Bunting ringed in south-eastern Finland on 28 August 2021 has been recovered some 6,500 km away in eastern China.

The bird was re-trapped in the landlocked province of Hubei in eastern China on 24 February of this year, a distance of 6,500 km from the location where it was ringed 18 months previously.

Rustic Bunting winters in South-East Asia but ringing recoveries between the breeding and wintering grounds are rare (Bill Patterson).

Rustic Bunting is a summer visitor to its breeding grounds in Fennoscandia and Siberia, and winters in South-East Asia, but ringing recoveries such as this are rare.

After a long period of decline in Finland, there have been signs in recent years that the Rustic Bunting population has stabilised and is now recovering in some areas, particularly in northern Finland.

A map showing where the Rustic Bunting was ringed in Finland and latterly re-trapped in China.