Plans to reintroduce Pine Marten in Kent and Sussex gather momentum


Plans to reintroduce Pine Marten to Kent and Sussex are gathering momentum as a public consultation is launched.

The Pine Marten Restoration Project, a partnership between Kent Wildlife Trust, the Wildwood Trust, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Ashdown Forest and Forestry England, wishes to talk to the public regarding the release of the mustelid at a handful of sites in both counties.

Pine Martens have been successfully reintroduced in other parts of the country, and recent research has shown there to be a population in the New Forest. There has also been a camera-trap record in London, and it's speculated whether the mammal already inhabits parts of Sussex.

Pine Marten is on the rise across Britain (Ron Marshall).


Pine Martens return to South-East

Feasibility studies have been carried out, with more to come, and possible sites identified (and in the case of Covert Wood in Kent, safeguarded). The project is also consulting the public to garner opinion.

Matt Phelps, species recovery officer for Sussex Wildlife Trust, said: "Local people are crucial to the success of any proposed reintroduction project. We want to hear from anyone who may have questions, concerns or might want to be involved in the project on a voluntary level."