Petition launched to make swift bricks compulsory in new housing


An online petition has been launched to make swift bricks compulsory in new housing.

The campaign has been started to help populations of the Red-Listed Common Swift, which have declined by more than 50% in the UK in recent decades. Adult swifts, known for their site fidelity, will often return to the same nests. The petition wants swift bricks to be required in all new housing, as nesting cavities have become increasingly scarce in housing as old holes are blocked up and building standards have improved.

The online petition wants it to be a requirement for swift bricks to installed in all new housing (Robert Booth).

Surveys show swift bricks are also used by House Martins, Common Starlings and House Sparrows – all species that are also on the Red List. The bricks can be designed into buildings without conflicting with insulation, and should be made a requirement for new housing, the petition states.

Launched by Hannah Bourne-Taylor, the petition has so far gained more than 35,000 signatures. You can sign it by clicking here.