Our top 10 books this month


The birding may be a bit slow at this time of year, but there’s still plenty to see. Chief among these are butterflies and moths, but let’s not forget bees and other insects, as well as mammals and all those species that can be found in ponds. Even better – many of these animals can be found without going any further than your back garden.


1. Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland

Presented in an accessible, easy-to-use format, this is an ideal guide for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts. It includes more than 600 superb illustrations of all the life stages of each species, together with species information, distribution maps and life history charts. 

By Richard Lewington
RRP £9.99
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2. Concise Butterfly and Moth Guide

This mini field guide covers more than 150 butterfly and moth species of Britain and the near-Continent. It is illustrated with superb full-colour artworks. Concise written accounts include information on size, description, habitat, flight times, distribution, foodplants and habits.

By the Wildlife Trusts
RRP £5.99
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3. Britain's Day-flying Moths: a Field Guide to the Day-flying Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

This concise photographic field guide helps you to identify the day-flying moths most likely to be seen in Great Britain and Ireland. Stunning images, clear and authoritative text and an easy-to-use design combine to increase your understanding of these intriguing and often colourful insects.

By David Newland, Robert Still and Andy Swash
RRP £17.99
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4. Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

The updated second edition includes brief but comprehensive descriptions of all the macro-moths in Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. It has been thoroughly revised and updated. It features more than 1,700 superbly detailed colour artworks covering almost 900 species.

By Martin Townsend and Paul Waring
RRP £18.99
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5. Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

This latest edition has been fully revised and updated. Moths are illustrated in their natural resting postures, and there are paintings of different forms, underwings and other details to help with identification. Species accounts cover field characters and similar species, flight season, life cycle, larval foodplants and habitat.

By Paul Waring, Martin Townsend and Richard Lewington
RRP £35
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6. Life Cycles of British and Irish Butterflies 

With detailed descriptions and photos of the adult, egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each species, this book provides unique insights into a hidden world, illustrated with more than 1,300 high-quality colour photos that reveal the subtle beauty in something as small as a butterfly egg. 

By Peter Eeles
RRP £35
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7. Field Guide to the Caterpillars of Great Britain and Ireland

Beautifully illustrated by Richard Lewington, this new guide covers caterpillars of the butterfly and moth species most likely to be found in the British Isles. Species accounts cover status, field characters, similar species, habitat, foodplants and distribution maps. 

By Phil Sterling and Barry Henwood
RRP £35
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8. RSPB Garden Birds

A lavish celebration of 47 of our most frequent and familiar garden birds, this RSPB guide features information on how to encourage birds to visit our gardens. Detailed biographies outline each species’ life history, distribution, behaviour and breeding, plus there is guidance on managing a wildlife garden. 

By Marianne Taylor
RRP £25
Our price £22.99

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9. Guide to Garden Wildlife

Even the smallest garden can be an important haven for wildlife, and this authoritative guide enables everyone to explore this wealth on their back doorstep. It covers all the main animal groups – including pond life – likely to be found in a garden in Great Britain and Ireland.

By Richard Lewington
RRP £12.99
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10. RSPB Guide to Birdsong

With this easy-to-use RSPB guide, Adrian Thomas helps you learn and identify bird sounds step by step and at your own pace. Whether you are an experienced birder or just starting out, this new book and CD set will open your ears like never before to the amazing songs and calls around you. 

By Adrian Thomas
RRP £15.99
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