Northumberland Wildlife Trust awarded £750,000


Northumberland Wildlife Trust has been awarded £750,000 to restore habitats and boost biodiversity in the county.

The grant has come from DEFRA's Species Survival Fund and the National Lottery Heritage Trust and will be channelled towards restoring habitats, enhancing biodiversity and improving public access to its Druridge Bay reserves at Hauxley, West Chevington and East Chevington.

Enhancement plans include improving reedbeds and restructuring woodland areas at East Chevington, as well as converting arable fields into grassland and realigning watercourses to improve downstream water quality. With both footpaths and bridleways to be reopened and upgraded to improve public accessibility.

The funding will restore habitats such as reedbeds, which will boost populations of birds like Sedge Warbler (Tom Tams).


Facility upgrade

The Trust is also looking to establish new facilities at the Hauxley Reserve, including a new wildlife hide, live wildlife cameras and a new meadow to enhance visitor engagement. The team at Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre will oversee the project.

Catherine Kirkham, Northumberland Wildlife Trust fundraising manager, said the charity will also "benefit from a new watching hide" which she goes on to say will also "open a whole new world to members of the public."