Kittiwake 'hotels' installed in Lowestoft


Kittiwake 'hotels' have been installed in Lowestoft, with structures built to accommodate up to 430 pairs.

The hotels were created with advice from environmental groups including the RSPB and built by energy firms Vattenfall and Scottish Power. The aim of them is to protect the birds from predators – but also keep them away from the town and harbour.

The Kittiwake 'hotels' in Lowestoft harbour (Vattenfall).

In 2021 anti-Kittiwake netting caused controversy in the Suffolk town. Since then, however, there seems to be a more understanding approach by local authorities – last year it was announced that Lowestoft town council would have dedicated Kittiwake officer to help local businesses see the seabird as an "asset not a pest".

The Lowestoft Kittiwake Partnership is being awarded £50,000 by Vattenfall to support cleaning and help local businesses. Rob Anderson, project director of Vattenfall's Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone, said: "The east of England is famous for its seabirds so it's great we've been able to look after them for generations to come.

"The funding for the Kittiwake Partnership will really help Lowestoft residents and businesses, who will be able to access support and advice on how to safely manage the impact of kittiwakes in the town."

The Lowestoft Kittiwake Partnership, created by Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, has welcomed the new nesting site. A partnership spokesperson said: "Kittiwakes need our help to prevent them slipping further towards extinction. But in towns like Lowestoft, which are home to urban nesting colonies in the summer, we also need to think about how we manage the mess they make around their nesting sites."