Irish Starling Murmuration Survey underway


The Irish Starling Murmuration Survey is underway, as BirdWatch Ireland seeks to establish the number of wintering Common Starlings in the country. 

The charity is asking those who witness murmurations this winter to send in information about the precise location of the flock and a rough estimate of the number of birds within it. All of the information submitted is then fed into an online map of starling murmurations in Ireland, which allows members of the public to find out where their nearest murmuration is.

BirdWatch Ireland is asking those who witness Common Starling murmurations this winter to send in details of their observations (Mike Trew).

There are many well-known starling roost locations in the country, such as at Lough Ennell in Co Westmeath, Borrisokane in Co Tipperary, near Nobber in Co Meath, Timoleague in Co Cork, Lackagh in Co Galway and Lough Ree in Co Roscommon.

However, BirdWatch Ireland is hoping further sites can be discovered via the citizen science project. Brian Burke, Co-ordinator of BirdWatch Ireland's Irish Starling Murmuration Survey, said: "Witnessing a starling murmuration on a calm clear winter evening is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and we're quite lucky that so many of these mesmerising displays happen all over Ireland every winter.

"I'd really recommend people to keep an eye on the sky, see where your starlings are heading as sunset approaches, and try and figure out where their roost is. And of course, let us know what you find!"

For more information on the Irish Starling Murmuration Survey and to view the murmuration map, visit here.