Introducing the BirdGuides Youth Scholarship scheme


The Cameron Bespolka Trust is proud to announce a new collaboration project with BirdGuides.com, Britain's leading bird news information service and website. The new BirdGuides Youth Scholarship scheme will allow three young birders (aged 12-18) from across Britain and Ireland to gain access to a year's free BirdGuides Bird News Ultimate subscription – a package that includes a free Birdwatch magazine subscription worth over £50.

The new scheme will allow three young birders the opportunity to access bird news and receive a complimentary subscription to Birdwatch magazine (Elliot Montieth).

We're at our most enthusiastic in our youth and love to learn new things and see new birds. Live bird news allows birders to keep track of sightings around Britain, Ireland and beyond, giving them instant information when influxes, strong migration or falls occur, while also delivering news of major new rarities – this in turn gives birders a great idea of what to look out for when out on patch or further afield.

At a time where supporting today's youth is at its most important, this new scheme aims to provide keen young birders, who do not currently have access to bird news yet have a keen interest in migration and rarities, to be able to keep abreast of the daily happenings around our isles. Through a vigorous application process, the three young birders will be decided among a panel of members from both the Cameron Bespolka Trust and BirdGuides.  

If you are (or know of) a young birder aged between 12 and 18 who might be interested, regardless of birding experience, and would greatly benefit from a year's free subscription, please email Josh Jones with your name, age, address and mobile number. In addition to this, we'd like to hear whether or not you currently have or have had membership to a bird news service and a brief introduction to your birding experience (100 words). Applicants will be contacted within two weeks of 1 October 2019, the final day to send in applications.