Global Big Day sets new species record


The latest Global Big Day event, which took place on Saturday [8 May], has set a new record for the most species seen by birders worldwide in a single day.

The previous high of 7,125 species – accumulated during last October's event – was surpassed on Monday [10 May] evening, as birders continued submitting their checklists from the Saturday's event to eBird.

And, as of Wednesday [12 May] morning, the total had risen to 7,233 species, comfortably eclipsing October 2020's efforts.

Wood Warbler was one of around 7,200 species recorded worldwide on 8 May 2021 (Kev Joynes).

Birders from 191 countries contributed to the mammoth total, meaning almost all of the world's nations were involved in the event.

Global Big Day coordinator, Tim Appleton, took to Twitter to congratulate those who took part, saying: "Thank you everybody, you have been absolutely amazing!"

The next Global Big Day will take place in October 2021. Find out more at globalbirding.org.