Funds needed to fill gaps in European Breeding Bird Atlas


Although the European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2) fieldwork season is now finished, summer 2018 will see additional gap filling take place in those parts of Russia that fall within Europe.

European Russia covers a vast area, making up 35 per cent of the overall territory of the Continent. There are areas within this huge region that are totally 'ornithologist free' – no one has visited in recent times to see what species can be found there. During the EBBA2 period, Russian colleagues, led by Mikhail Kalyakin and Olga Voltzit, made incredible progress in mapping birds across Russia. However, there is still much work to do.

There are big gaps in the areas currently covered. Russian volunteers are prepared to visit these regions to map birds, but such areas are often not easily reachable, and expenses to get there can be extremely high – especially if you need to rent a helicopter to reach your destination! The fieldwork is planned between May and July, and quick action is needed to provide the necessary financial support.

To help ornithologists reach these vast, remote areas, and to better understand the overall species distribution in Europe, additional funds are needed. Estimated costs run to 9,000 euros.

If you wish to contribute to help the EBBA2's Russian colleagues, you can do so by using the species sponsorship platform and donating for any Species of Conservation Concern that have the majority of their population in Russia. Simply select one of the species listed here and make a donation amount of your choice.