Free ponds on offer in Yorkshire for conservation of newts


Farmers and landowners are being offered funding to create and restore wildlife ponds in Yorkshire for the conservation of Great Crested Newts.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England said the project aimed to mitigate the impacts of development and strengthen existing populations.

Great Crested Newts can travel up to a third of a mile across land to find a breeding site (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust).

The ponds would be fully funded, with work undertaken by the trust. It is expected that newts and other wildlife would colonise the ponds naturally, a spokesperson said.

"All you need to do is periodic maintenance and allow occasional site visits," they added.

The trust described it as "an ongoing programme", and said it was currently inviting expressions of interest from landowners in West and North Yorkshire, including Scarborough, York, Richmond, Wakefield and Leeds.

All potential pond sites must lie in rough habitat and be within 500 m of an existing pond.