Egyptian Goose photographed with plastic cup stuck to beak


An Egyptian Goose was photographed with a plastic coffee cup lid trapped around its beak, prompting a wildlife charity to urge people to dispose of litter properly.

Swan Support, a Berkshire-based charity, found the bird with the lid trapped around it. It was stopping the goose from eating and drinking properly. 

The Egyptian Goose with the plastic lid stuck around its beak (Swan Support).

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The bird was successfully caught and the plastic lid removed but it did suffer minor injuries from the coffee cup lid. The charity praised the team work of volunteers on the rescue mission and said on its Facebook page: "The goose was released back to the water with minor injuries to her tongue and beak. It was nice to see her eating and drinking again."

Speaking after the incident, Wendy Hermon, treatment and rescue centre co-ordinator for Swan Support told the Windsor Express: "Please dispose of all rubbish safely and responsibility and not in our waterways, litter is becoming more and more of an issue to our wildlife."