Early success for Nottinghamshire beaver reintroduction project


Environmentalists are celebrating after Eurasian Beaver bred in Nottinghamshire for the first time in 400 years.

A group of beavers from Scotland were reintroduced to Idle Valley Nature Reserve last year, and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said one pair had successfully produced baby kits in 2022. The beavers are having a "positive impact" on the surrounding area, the charity said.

Camera traps confirmed the breeding success (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust).

They were originally living on the River Tay in Scotland before being transported to their new home in the north of the county. Janice Bradley, from the Trust, said the beavers had helped them "control water levels and expand our conservation grazing programme", adding she is "delighted with the impact they have had so far".

"The discovery by our monitoring team that we have new kits earlier than expected is a great way to round off the year," she commented.