Drought forces flamingos from famous Spanish breeding site


The largest Greater Flamingo colony in Iberia has largely been abandoned due to ongoing drought conditions in southern Spain.

Greater Flamingos on the remaining water at Laguna Fuente de Piedra (Reuters).

A protracted drought has seen water levels at the world-famous Laguna Fuente de Piedra diminish to their lowest point since 1995. The saltwater lagoon is normally home to thousands of breeding flamingos but, as of mid-June, only a few dozen adult birds have been seen.

Local resident Alberto Gonzalez Sanchez, 53, told Reuters on Saturday [17 June]: "It is a shame because of the tourism, people come here for the day. Normally the lagoon is full of flamingos. There are also many other birds. It looks like climate change is causing this."

By mid-May, Spain had received 28% less rain than expected. It has seen its hottest spring in the country since 1961, with high temperatures likely to continue throughout the summer.