Concerns over rising bird flu cases in Jersey


A Jersey wildlife expert has said rising cases of bird flu among seabirds was adding to a growing list of problems they faced.

Jersey Wildlife reported several Northern Gannets had washed up on the beaches, suspected to have died from the virus. Islanders spotted the dead birds along the shoreline south of St Helier, and at Greve D'Azette.

Northern Gannet have been washing up around Jersey's coastline in recent weeks (Matthew Webb).

Glyn Young, Curator of birds at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, said it was another challenge for the island's seabirds.

"If it stays in the seabirds and doesn't spread out then it's still going to be awful, they're already having trouble with finding food, pollution in competition with human beings in the sea so it's really the last thing they needed," he said.