Concern as oily substance kills seabirds in Guernsey


A 'white oily substance' that is injuring and killing seabirds in Guernsey has triggered a warning from a wildlife charity on the island.

The Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) has stated that, following recent stormy weather, oils and other substances have been churned up and are coating feathers of some seabirds. This causes them to be unable to swim or fly, and potentially poisoned if the substance is ingested.

The charity said there have also been reports of seal pups and a Loggerhead Turtle being injured during recent storms.

An oiled Guillemot in care (GSPCA).


Guillemots among the victims

GSPCA Manager, Steve Bryne, said: "Stormy weather causes many casualties and the recent storms are no exception with oiled birds, injured seal pups and even a turtle. In recent days we have been seeing seabirds covered in an unknown white oily substance – in fact six Guillemots from various locations mostly on the west coast."

Mr Bryne said people should call the GSPCA at any time of day or night if they encounter an injured animal.

Guidance on how to report and contain an injured animal can be found on the GSPCA website.