Birdwatch magazine launches Birders' Choice Awards 2014


Birders' Choice Awards 2014
Birdwatch is asking for your opinions and favourites by launching an annual award to highlight the best in birding and conservation; just take a few minutes to fill in the survey and you will get the chance to win £250-worth of books, too!

In the first of what will become the annual Birdwatch Birders' Choice Awards, you have the opportunity to vote for your choice of the most important or notable events, people and products in birding over the last year.

There are 10 categories in the award, allowing you to select your favourites from our specially chosen shortlist. Alternatively, you can enter your own preference, if you think there is someone or something we've missed out of a category.

Who do you think did the most for bird conservation in 2014? Which company released the best products and books, or did the most to protect birds or encourage birding? Which rarity was the most exciting or notable, and what was the most important discovery of the year? You even get to choose your own villain of the year in the special Guano Award for Environmental Harm.

The survey is in the current November 2014 issue of Birdwatch, and also available online. It doesn't take long to fill in, and you can help decide what has been the best and worst of this birding year. Please vote no later than 23 November 2014. Winners of the prize draw will be notified after 1 December 2014, and the results will be published in the January issue of the magazine.

Written by: Birdwatch magazine