BirdGuides launches Ultimate PLUS membership


We're thrilled to announce that we have launched Bird News Ultimate PLUS – our most complete bird news membership tier and an essential new tool for birders.

As well as receiving instant bird news on all devices, Bird News Ultimate PLUS members gain exclusive access to a complete digital archive of Birdwatch magazine dating back to its establishment in 1992, as well as our extensive library of special editions.

Every magazine issue, from the latest release back to issue 1, can be read online at the click of a button, giving you unrivalled access to a wealth of top birding content including finder's accounts, ID guides, species profiles and entertaining comment. What's more, your new digital copy of Birdwatch is eco-friendly and helps you to save on space at home!

Every member also receives the benefits of a Bird News Ultimate membership* including immediate bird news on all devices, notifications with no hidden costs, full access to the BirdGuides app and 100 free SMS messages.

Bird News Ultimate PLUS provides everything a birder needs under one roof. Subscribe today and be the first to receive breaking bird news and read quality birding content!


Get the most from Ultimate PLUS

Bird News Ultimate PLUS members can access the digital archive of Birdwatch magazine via the BirdGuides website. When logged in, simply click on the 'Welcome' drop-down menu at the top of the page and select the Birdwatch Magazine Archive option. With just a couple of clicks, you'll have unrestricted access to a fully searchable archive of Britain's leading magazine for keen birders, with more than 380 issues published to date.

Access to a digital archive of Birdwatch magazine, stretching all the way back to issue 1 in 1992, is one of the key benefits of a Bird News Ultimate PLUS membership.


How to subscribe or upgrade to Ultimate PLUS

For new members, it couldn't be easier to join. Visit the membership page, select your preferred payment and check out.  

If you are an existing member of Pro or Ultimate, we are contacting you just before your membership is due for renewal, to provide you with the opportunity to upgrade to Ultimate PLUS seamlessly.

If you are an existing member of Pro or Ultimate and would like to upgrade but your membership is not due for renewal for some time, then we invite you to contact our Customer Service Team by calling 01778 392027 to discuss the upgrade options available to you. If you have any general technical queries about Ultimate PLUS, please email contact@birdguides.com.


* A paper copy of Birdwatch magazine is not included in a Bird News Ultimate PLUS subscription.