BirdGuides at the British Birdwatching Fair


The 2011 British Birdwatching Fair is being held at Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland Water from Friday 19th August to Sunday 21st August — see www.birdfair.org.uk for more details. If you come and visit the BirdGuides stand (Marquee 3, stands 14–16) you'll get the chance to:

  • Be amongst the first to try out the BirdGuides news app!
  • Get your hands on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and see our latest field guide apps in action
  • Get your copy of The Urban Birder, Advanced ID Handbook or The Birdman Abroad signed
  • See a demonstration of BWPi to see why it has been described as 'the ultimate birding resource'
  • See any of BirdGuides' bird news services demonstrated, and find out which ones are right for you
  • See demonstrations of any other BirdGuides products or services (DVDs, software, apps, etc.)
  • Take advantage of other special Birdfair offers with discounts on certain products
  • Come and talk to us to put faces to names. We'd love to hear what you think of what we do, even if (or especially if) you think it could be better.

New products

We hope to see as many of you as at all possible at Rutland.

Written by: Fiona Barclay