Bird flu kills thousands of cranes in Israel


More than 5,000 dead or dying Common Cranes have been observed in Israel's Hula Valley in recent days following an outbreak of avian flu, reports BirdLife Israel.

The Hula Park and reserve have been closed and actions are being taken at a national level, including greater monitoring of various wetland sites and the species they support during the winter months.

More than 5,000 dead or dying Common Cranes have been observed in Israel's Hula Valley in recent days (Carsten Sondergaard).

BirdLife Israel added that a few infected Common Cranes have also been found in other parts of Israel, and efforts are being made to contain the issue.

Poultry farms also being quarantined after the disease was found at an establishment with 17,000 turkeys, which had to be culled.

Around 100,000 Common Cranes are thought to migrate through or winter in Israel, with recent counts in the Agamon Hula area exceeding 40,000 birds.