Re-energising a classic: the Islanders v Birders football match 2015


A call to arms for all birders visiting the Isles of Scilly this October!

Later this month, the once-annual Islanders v Birders football match at The Garrison, St Mary's, will be resurrected for the first time since 2004.

On Sunday 18th a group of birders from across Britain will come together to pull on the brand new green and white birder's jersey - sponsored by BirdGuides and displaying Killian Mullarney's classic Black-and-white Warbler illustration — to face a select eleven from the Isles of Scilly Football League.

Despite having organised a team, a couple of people have had to pull out at the last minute, leaving the birders' team in need of one or two additional players. Therefore any birders who are willing to play in the match would be very welcome.

Anyone visiting the Isles of Scilly this month who would like to play in the match please contact scottreid.ecology@yahoo.com or call 07530304374 to register your interest for a place in the team.

Fixture details

Where: The Garrison, St Mary's
Date: Sunday 18 October 2015
Time: Kick-off 2pm, Meeting 1pm
Essentials: Studded football boots and shin pads (the rest of the kit will be provided)

The 2015 Scilly Birders football shirt.

The 1994 Scilly Birders football team (Photo: George Reszeter).

The 1984 Scilly Birders football team.

Written by: Scott Reid