Photo of the Week: 5-11 June 2023


Red-necked Phalarope by John Wall



There's no doubt that Red-necked Phalarope is one of the best-looking waders going. While they are often tame and approachable on their breeding grounds, spring birds on passage are not only rare, but also typically less showy. As a result, John Wall's excellent capture of a male in Dorset stands out.

One unusual element of the image is that the bird is stood on dry land – not a typical view of a phalarope, which is usually seen dashing around on the water. John has achieved this atypical stance beautifully, with the photo taken from a low angle viewpoint and with a pleasing green background. Congratulations!


Other notable images


White-crowned Sparrow, Girdle Ness, Aberdeenshire (Andrew Whitehouse).

Eurasian Spoonbill, Boyton Marshes RSPB, Suffolk (Nick Brown).

Common Cuckoo, Stanpit Marsh, Dorset (Scott Usher).

Willow Warbler, Wykeham Forest, North Yorkshire (Christopher Bell).

Little Gull, Letham Pools, Fife (Kenneth O'Keefe).

Eurasian Siskin, Wharncliffe Chase, South Yorkshire (Carl Corbidge).

European Turtle Dove, St Ouen's Bay, Jersey (Romano Da Costa).

Western Cattle and Great Egrets, Stanpit Marsh, Dorset (Scott Usher).