Photo of the Week: 5-11 December


Short-eared Owl by Ralph Paul Samuels


Short-eared Owl is always one of the most popular subjects for bird photographers during the winter months, guaranteeing that a superb selection of images are posted in the BirdGuides galleries each year.

Therefore it has to be something stand-out for this species to win our weekly competition – and that's what we have with this cracking photo of a perched 'Shortie' by Ralph Paul Samuels.

Caught in the act of coughing up a pellet with bill wide open and eyes staring, this is a super shot. An uncluttered background to leave your eyes completely on the owl it's a deserved winner.

Congratulations to Ralph, who took his top shot with a 500 mm lens with a 1.4x converter, shooting at 1/400 th second at f5.6 aperture on ISO 1250.


Other notable images


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Written by: Steve Young