Photo of the Week: 24 February-2 March 2021


Grey Partridges by Paul Coombes



For many, spring is a time of hope and optimism. Migrant birds arrive, flowers begin to bloom ... yet there is also a more brutal side to this time of year. Birds are staking out their territories ahead of the breeding season, and that often leads to confrontation – which can sometimes turn violent.

Nottinghamshire-based photographer Paul Coombes caught these two Grey Partridges embroiled in a physical battle near his home recently and, as this somewhat graphic image shows, the birds weren't afraid to take chunks out of each other. It's a reminder that, as we welcome the longer, warmer days of spring, this is a very serious time for birds and other wildlife, as the urge to breed kicks in.

Congratulations to Paul on this striking shot; a very worthy winner!


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Written by: BirdGuides