Photo of the Week: 11-18 April 2022


Eurasian Sparrowhawk and Common Snipe by Dave Jackson



This momentous image from Dave Jackson drew a collective gasp when shared among BirdGuides and Birdwatch team. A truly extraordinary capture that depicts a male Eurasian Sparrowhawk carrying a freshly caught Common Snipe, few could claim to have witnessed such an unusual scene – let alone 'nail' the image in the few seconds Dave must have had to compose himself, focus on the subject and rattle off some shots.

In a curious coincidence, Dave's stunning photo mirrors the winner of the inaugural BirdGuides Photo of the Year competition, way back in 2006 – which, even more remarkably, was taken at the same site (albeit by a different photographer, Richard Bedford). There must be a special lineage of snipe-hunting sparrowhawks at Summer Leys NR in Northamptonshire ...

Dave did very well to manage to capture this dramatic scene on camera, but to freeze the action and capture the predator head-on, giving such engaging eye contact, makes for a truly special image and a very worthy winner.


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Written by: BirdGuides