Photo of the Week: 1–7 February


Goshawk by Mike Warburton


The anticipation when sitting in your own hide waiting for any species of bird is always exciting, but when the subject is a Goshawk and it finally lands on the chosen perch in front of you, then that is a little bit special.

Mike Warburton used a zoom lens set at 421mm and shot at 1/25th second to take this stunning image; the pose is a perfect side-on profile with the head slightly turned to show off the frowning expression, and a diffuse background enhances the overall picture.

With only a 10% "show" rate at his site Mike has taken full advantage of this opportunity and captured a delightful winning image that fully deserves our congratulations.

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Other notable images

Kestrel, Saltholme RSPB, Cleveland (Photo: Richard Laverack)

Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler, Arne RSPB, Dorset (Photo: Jim Hutchins)

Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier, undisclosed site, Northumberland (Photo: Derek Bilton)

Bittern, Llyn Coed-y-Dinas, Powys (Photo: Mark Wilson)

Stonechat, undisclosed site, Gloucestershire (Photo: Mike McKenzie)

Waxwing, Birdwell, South Yorkshire (Photo: Peter Garrity)

Royal Tern
Royal Tern, Miellette, Guernsey (Photo: Dan Scott)

Long-tailed Tit
Long-tailed Tit, Spital, Cheshire (Photo: Steve Round)

Treecreeper, Brackenfield, Derbyshire (Photo: Mary Wilde)

Dipper, Bradford Dale, Derbyshire (Photo: Paul Coombes)

Alpine Accentor
Alpine Accentor, France (Photo: Marc FASOL)

Rose-coloured Starling
Rose-coloured Starling, Crawley, West Sussex (Photo: Sandra Palme)

Written by: Steve Young