Migrant Butterflies and Moths



It was no surprise at all to learn that the first immigrants of the year had been recorded by Mick Scott on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, where a Dark Sword-grass and White-speck came to light on the night of 1st January. On 2nd, he recorded the first Rusty-dot Pearl and Silver Y of the year; and on 3rd, a Pearly Underwing. A Humming-bird Hawk-moth was observed feeding on Veronica in Southampton, Hampshire on 10th. On 19th, a Rush Veneer came to light at Longstone, St Mary's, with a Gem there on 20th.

SpeciesTotal for MonthLocation
Rusty-dot Pearl21Cornwall and IOS (20), Dorset (1)
Rush Veneer2Cornwall and IOS
Gem2Cornwall and IOS
Humming-bird Hawk-moth1Hampshire
Dark Sword-grass6Cornwall and IOS (5), Isle of Man (1)
Pearly Underwing3Cornwall and IOS
White-speck66Cornwall and IOS (65), Guernsey (1)
Silver Y10Cornwall and IOS (8), Dorset (1), Ireland (1)


Rush Veneer: Taken at light, Longstone, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly on 19th January. (Photo: M. Scott)


Two Red Admiral were observed on the wing at Romsey and New Milton, Hampshire on 6th; at Knebworth, Hertfordshire on 11th; and Gosport, Hampshire on 17th and 18th. A total of five Painted Lady were observed on 18th - at Sidmouth, Devon, and Fowey, St Ives, Polruan, and the Lizard, in Cornwall. On 24th, two butterflies were seen at East Prawle, Devon and on the Lizard, Cornwall.

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Written by: Steve Nash