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The Gambia: river of plenty

The Gambia has been on the agenda for travelling birders for decades. On a recent visit, Kit Day found it to be as productive as ever, and...


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Valencia's Category C birds

Three species found nowhere else in the Western Palearctic have established populations in the Spanish region, including in the city itself.


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Shetland in spring

Renowned for its autumn birding, which attracts hundreds of visitors in September and October, Shetland is far less visited in spring. With...


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Hidden jewels of Colombia

The little-known region of Inirida in eastern Colombia is alive with spectacular avian prizes. Julian Hough travelled there during the wet...


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Nepal: birding to base camp

A trek up to Mount Everest might not be the most obvious birding destination, but as Matt Eade discovered it can deliver a breath-taking...


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