Two of the BTO satellite-tracked Cuckoos are back in Europe. Martin was the first to cross the Mediterranean. On 1st April, he was recorded crossing the Sahara; by the evening of 3rd April he was settled in Algeria; by the early hours of 6th April, satellite signals showed he was in Murcia (Spain), located just west of Lorca.

Chris was the second Cuckoo to cross the Sahara. On 4th April he was tracked flying over the Grand Erg Oriental; a poor-quality signal on 7th April put him somewhere over the sea between mainland France, Corsia and Italy; on the morning of 10th April, satellite signals showed he was in northwest Italy near the town of La Spezia.

The latest recorded positions of the three most northerly Cuckoos. West–east: Martin, Kasper, Chris.
(Data: BTO, map: © GoogleMaps).

Kasper isn't too far behind. On 7th April he was tracked moving north across the Grand Erg Oriental; on 9th April, signals showed he was in Foret de Charef in the Atlas mountains, northwest Algeria. It can't be long now before he too crosses north into Europe.

There have been no transmissions from Lyster since 1st April when he was Ghana.

Written by: BTO